P2P Insurance Platform


Block-chain based.

Mutuals Driven.

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About Us

BlockRisk is the optimal combination of the risk mitigating features of the insurance world and the decentralized and transparent technology features of the blockchain ecosystem.

This P2P insurance platform marries Mutual portfolio-based insurance with Blockchain Technologies.


Mutuals-driven Models

Blockchain Technologies

Our Team

Johnny Blatt

CEO, co-founder

Business owner, manager and developer in the insurance industry, with 22 years of experience, owning and managing Brokerage companies in Latam and USA. Economist, MBA and Insurance Licensed.

Tamas Doffek

CEO, co-founder

Executive board member, serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of entrepreneurial and business development experience, founding, scaling and developing multiple public and private companies successfully.

Hilario Itriago

CPO, co-founder

Executive board member, Former CEO and COO of RSA Insurance LATAM. Co-founder and Managing Partner of 3 Insurtechs (1 exit). Currently President of Boxx Insurance USA, a Zurich Insurance backed by Cyber MGA.

Kyle Keuhm


Chief Architect/CTO at Startups and companies with 30 years of coding experience. Architect at Enterprise level for crypto/Fintech  companies.

Erin McMahon


Chief Growth Officer with 15 years of experience including at Google, Twitter, Facebook. Duke University (BA)

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